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  • March and April 2017 offer unique opportunities for progress on achieving universal access to water and sanitation

    9 Mar 2017 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Alix Charles, Water Action Month Campaign Consultant, End Water Poverty

    Originally publish by End Water Poverty In order to realise the Human Right to Water and Sanitation and the sixth Sustainable Development Goal, countries are facing a long list of ambitious targets. These include ending open defecation, providing equitable access to safe and affordable water, achieving adequate hygiene and sanitation,…

  • Women and Women’s Waste! Proactively managing the disposal of menstrual products

    8 Mar 2017 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Catarina de Albuquerque, Executive Chair, Sanitation and Water for All

    I am always happy to have the opportunity to talk and write about the water, sanitation and hygiene needs of women and girls, and promote ways to achieve gender equality and alleviate suffering through better access to these essential services. The specific theme for Water Day this year is wastewater,…

  • Interview with Sanjay Banka

    3 Mar 2017 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Managing Director at Banka Bioloo and private sector representative on SWA's Steering Committee

    The World Bank estimates an annual need of $114 billion between now until 2030, three times the current investment levels, if we are to achieve the WASH-related targets of the SDGs. How can the private sector help bridge this financing gap? The private sector, once non-existent for the social development…

  • Balancing budgets isn’t one-sided: Why collaboration is key to reducing the WASH financing gap

    22 Feb 2017 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by By Hanna Woodburn, Global Public Private Partnership for Handwashing director

    I think that it is natural at the outset of a new year to take some time to take stock of what’s come before. For me, I spent a good portion of January working on an annual report for my organization, the Global Handwashing Partnership (previously referred to as the…

  • Do we still need the Sanitation and Water for All Partnership?

    10 Feb 2017 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Clare Battle, Senior Policy Analyst, Governance, WaterAid

    Originally publish by WaterAid Established in 2009, Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) is the global multi-stakeholder partnership for the WASH sector. Today it brings together over 150 partners across five constituencies: countries; external support agencies; civil society organisations; research & learning organisations; and private sector actors. WaterAid was a founding…

  • Principles into practice: why ‘development effectiveness’ matters for water, sanitation and hygiene

    30 Nov 2016 in Events
    by Clare Battle, Senior Policy Analyst, Governance, WaterAid

      This week, global actors come together in Nairobi to discuss progress against global principles of effective development cooperation. Clare Battle, WaterAid’s Senior Policy Analyst for Governance, explains how the outcomes of these discussions will affect progress towards achieving water, sanitation and hygiene for all. Partnering for effective development at…

  • Getting to 2030, together

    29 Sep 2016 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by By Alice Albright, Chief Executive Officer, Global Partnership for Education's Secretariat

    Originally publish on the GPE blog. “To deliver better for all people we must engage all stakeholders. Partnership brings results. Together, we can make this world more just, equitable, and prosperous.” With these words, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon welcomed an audience of more than 500 to a high-level…

  • Civil society from across Africa unites ahead of Africa Water Week!

    20 Jul 2016 in Events
    by Megan Macgarry (End Water Poverty) et Héloïse Chicou (Assainissement et eau pour tous – SWA)

    What a powerful day it was at the official opening ceremony of the 6th Africa Water Week, in Tanzania, on Monday 18th of July. Highlights of the event included speeches from Lydia Zigomo, Head of Region - East and Pan Africa - at WaterAid who stated that "we have to do business unusual here in…

  • The Right to Water in France: the Bill has been adopted by the National Assembly

    4 Jul 2016 in Country Processes
    by Par Kristel Malègue, Coordinatrice de la Coalition Eau

    On Tuesday 14th June 2016, Bill no. 2715 on the effective implementation of the human right to water and sanitation was adopted by the National Assembly at its first reading. The bill must now be approved by the Senate. The many civil society organisations that initiated the bill, including Fondation…