Partner Perspectives

Welcome to the "partner perspectives" section where SWA partners can share news, experiences and insights.

  • The three ‘P’s of Partnership, Policy and Practice: how SWA complements WSA

    10 Dec 2013 in Country Processes
    by Par M. Idrissa Doucouré, Eau and Assainissement pour l’Afrique (EAA)

    We like to think that SWA complements the work we do at Water and Sanitation for Africa in relation to ‘three Ps’: Partnership, Policy and Practice. Firstly, SWA, as a partnership platform, enables the Ministerial Council of WSA to reach out to more partners and talk to more donors. This…

  • Using SWA to demand accountability from governments

    10 Dec 2013 in
    by <p>by Mr. Abdul-Nashiru Mohammed, WaterAid</p>

    SWA is a great opportunity for us, as civil society organizations, to improve sanitation and water services. I am the Regional Policy and Advocacy Manager at WaterAid in West Africa. One of our key responsibilities is to influence governments to take their commitments to improving sanitation and water service delivery seriously.…

  • Let’s raise sanitation and water high on the political agenda

    10 Dec 2013 in
    by by Catarina de Albuquerque, UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights to safe drinking water and sanitation

    At IRC, we believe that something needs to happen to put sanitation and water higher on the political agenda. Something needs to be done differently to make sure that the entire population in the world, never mind where you live, has access to quality sanitation and water services. We think…