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9 Jun 2017 in INSIGHTS

#HLM2017 Partners Perspectives Series Sri Lanka SM HR

Sri Lanka - Adequate Finance is a limitation to achieve SDG targets on water and sanitation

The SWA Country Process Dialogue was held on the 6th April 2017 at the Foundation Institute, Sri Lanka, with 40 participants representing the Ministry of City Planning and Water Supply, Ministry of Health, Water Supply and Drainage Board, and Civil society Organisations.  Sri Lankan delegation member from the Water Supply…

  • salman yusuf

    Developing stronger linkages at country and regional levels

    2 Jan 2014 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Salman Yusuf, Deputy Secretary, Department of water supply and sanitation, Punjab, Pakistan

    I have done a lot of work in water, sanitation and hygiene and, as such, the Government of Pakistan nominated me to attend the SWA 2013 Partnership Meeting. Pakistan joined SWA because we are committed to achieving the MDGs. Prior to the SWA High Level Meeting; Pakistan requested to join…

  • Jason Morrison SWA Interview JM

    How to engage with the private sector and create good partnership?

    2 Jan 2014 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Jason Morrison, Technical Director, CEO Water Mandate

    By Jason Morrison, Technical Director, CEO Water Mandate The CEO Water Mandate joined the Sanitation and Water for All Partnership because, increasingly, companies are looking more broadly at how they engage externally with water-related issues, both at the facility and global levels. Launched in July 2007 by the UN Global Compact (itself an…

  • Doreen Kabasindi Wandera

    Human development, health and dignity: why we must prioritise sanitation

    10 Dec 2013 in Country Processes
    by By Doreen Kabasindi Wandera

      SWA is a forum where we, the practitioners and professionals in WASH, come together globally. SWA is very important because it brings to the forefront issues on sanitation and water that affect human development, health and dignity. Water has received the most attention because it is physical, you can…

  • Catarina de Albuquerque

    Human rights: we need political will to target the poor and invest in low-cost solutions

    10 Dec 2013 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Catarina de Albuquerque, Rapporteur spécial de l’ONU sur le droit à une eau potable salubre et à l’assainissement

      “I was recently in Nicaragua and I visited some small villages where communities had organized themselves to provide community water and sanitation services. I met an exceptional man who was the President of one of the local water councils, and he said, ‘The most important thing about sanitation and…

  • Piers-Cross web

    Making History

    10 Dec 2013 in Events
    by Piers Cross

    For me, the 2013 Stockholm Water Week was heavy with history. My Generation The Stockholm World Water Prize this year was awarded to Peter Morgan for the genius of his innovations in on-site sanitation, ecological sanitation and water devices for rural Africa, developed over 4 decades.  It was his innovations…

  • Piers-Cross web

    Nepal, Standing Tall; at the South Asian Conference on Sanitation (SACOSAN)

    10 Dec 2013 in Events
    by Piers Cross, Special Advisor to SWA

    I recently attended the 2013 SACOSAN V meeting, which saw the Government of Nepal stand up tall to host a high level exchange on sanitation between eight South Asian countries, both giants and minnows: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.  Before SACOSAN there was no…

  • Darren-Saywell

    Sanitation Smorgesbord: politics + evidence + commitments = accountability

    10 Dec 2013 in Events
    by Darren Saywell, Vice-Chair, SWA

    I grew up in the UK in the 1970’s watching The Muppet Show.  Beyond the more popular characters of Kermit and Miss Piggy, I fell in love with The Swedish Chef - an incomprehensible preparer of foodstuffs.  He was hilarious.  All Swedish Chef sketches begin with him in a kitchen,…

  • From the global to the household: getting community voices in policy making processes

    10 Dec 2013 in Uncategorized

    At FANSA, we want to hear the voices of community members who do not have access to sanitation and water. We want these communities to get access to better services, and ensure that their involvement and engagement in the process is better recognized. Freshwater Action Network represents four countries: Bangladesh,…

  • Miriam-Zambia

    Engaging in advocacy and the SWA partnership

    10 Dec 2013 in Country Processes

    The Zambia NGO WASH Forum’s mandate is to act as a voice for civil society and to contribute to Government–led plans in the sector. Membership of the Forum is currently 35 and its membership is comprised of large international NGOs and Community Based Organisations. The Forum in its current form…