• Interview with Hanna Woodburn

    23 Mar 2016 in
    by Partenariat Public Privé Mondial pour le Lavage des Mains (PPPHW)

    What has changed for your organization since the 17 Sustainable Development Goals were agreed in September? Our organization took a leading role in advocating for the inclusion of hygiene in the Sustainable Development Goals, so we dedicated a significant portion of our work to this task. After the agreement of…

  • Sanitation and Water for All Requires All of Us

    7 Mar 2016 in Country Processes
    by Par Hanna Woodburn, Directrice du Secrétariat, Partenariat Public-Privé pour le Lavage des Mains

    Delivering sanitation and water for all is no small feat. Over a third of the world’s population lack access to adequate sanitation, nearly 800 million people lack access to safe drinking water, and changing behaviors around poor hygiene practices and open defecation is notoriously difficult. And yet, the global community…