• Times They Are a-Changin': a farewell note

    8 Dec 2014 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Par Darren Saywell, ancien vice-président de SWA et Directeur Eau, Assainissement et Santé, Plan International USA

    My term as SWA’s Vice-Chair has come to an end yesterday during a Steering Committee meeting, where I officially passed the baton to Catarina de Albuquerque. I couldn’t be happier with my replacement - SWA is in great hands. Looking back on these three years as Vice-Chair, I still find…

  • Milestones and ambition

    11 Jun 2014 in HLM
    by Par Darren Saywell, Vice-président du Partenariat SWA

    Our previous High Level Meeting (HLMs) have been important for the Partnership, but I believe this year’s convening was a real game-changer for SWA. It demonstrated not only the growing maturity of the Partnership, but the increased recognition of our cause on the global stage. I firmly believe that SWA…