• Reaching populations in need requires effective WASH monitoring

    19 Nov 2014 in Evidence Base
    by Par Bruce Gordon, coordonnateur de l’Unité Eau, assainissement, hygiène et santé, OMS

      Health benefits from investing in water and sanitation include saving the lives of millions of children from preventable deaths and illness such as malnutrition and diarrhoeal disease, improving outcomes in maternal and infant care and achieving longer, healthier and more productive lives for adults. Safe water and improved sanitation…

  • Country commitments give hope for real progress

    6 May 2014 in HLM
    by Ousséni Diallo, Directeur de la Croix verte internationale au Burkina Faso

    The High Level Meeting (HLM) and the Sector Ministers' Meeting (SMM) are the two most important meetings in the process of resolving the sanitation and water crisis that has plagued the world for a long time.  The commitments presented by each country show considerable progress in providing global access to…

  • SWA, a unique platform to raise the profile of WASH at the highest political level

    6 May 2014 in HLM
    by Thilo Panzerbieter, Executive Director, German Toilet Organization, Germany (End Water Poverty)

    I strongly believe in the Sanitation and Water for All Partnership (SWA), as it offers a unique platform for convinced WASH actors to join hands in raising the profile of water, sanitation and hygiene at the highest political level. Being elected by my colleagues as the “northern” Civil Society Representative…

  • 2014 HLM: from grassroots projects to high-level discussions

    28 Apr 2014 in HLM
    by Mr. Thomas Sayibu Imoro, Directeur général de NewEnergy

    This was my first opportunity to participate in the highest forums of the WASH sector - the SWA Sector Ministers’ Meeting (SMM) - and  HLM. It meant a lot to me as someone who has been involved in community service delivery for many years. Each single project I accomplish becomes…

  • 2014 HLM: ambitious commitments and greater progress accountability

    24 Apr 2014 in HLM
    by Mr. Murali Ramisetty, Convenor, Freshwater Action Network South Asia

    At the start of the Sector Ministers Meeting (SMM) on 10th April at PAHO, I was not sure what such a huge gathering of sector leaders can achieve in a one day meeting. At the end of the day however, once I had listened to the Honorable Minister of Afghanistan…

  • Sanitation software: a smart investment for the HLM

    9 Apr 2014 in HLM
    by Dr. Christopher W. Williams, Executive Director, Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC), and Multilateral Representative, SWA Steering committee

    There are great expectations for the Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) High Level Meeting (HLM) in Washington, DC, this week. The 2012 meeting, through engagement with Finance ministries, saw almost 40 developing countries make pledges designed to provide an additional 60 million people with improved drinking water sources and…