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  • Using SWA framework as common language in sector dialogue

    27 Sep 2019 in News Categories

      The External Support Agency (ESA) partner of Sanitation and Water For All– WSSCC is holding a three-day regional workshop on how to accelerate an enabling environment in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector for Equality and Non-discrimination (EQND) and Leave No One Behind (LNOB). Over 30 representatives from Governments,…

  • Civil Society: Change makers and allies with Government in reaching SDG6

    24 Sep 2019 in News Categories
    by Par Anjani Kapoor, Rapporteur for the CSO Accountability Session

    Civil society organisations (CSOs) play a key role in ensuring no one is left behind as we strive to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But what are the benefits, opportunities, and challenges that CSOs face as they work with governments and other actors to deliver on water and sanitation targets…

  • Water and Peace: Making a case for collaboration not competition

    21 Sep 2019 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Par Catarina Albuquerque,PDG, Sanitation and Water for All

      How can water promote peace? Why do people think of transboundary water (the aquifers, and lake and river basins shared by two or more countries) in terms of national security? Is it possible to think of transboundary water as an entry point for cooperation instead of as a conflict-risk…

  • Building integrity to strengthen the water and sanitation sector

    19 Sep 2019 in News Categories
    by Par Lotte Feuerstein, Water Integrity Network Programme Manager and SWA Steering Committee Member for Civil Society (Northern)

      Globally, only seven in ten people had access to safely managed water services and only four in ten had access to safely managed sanitation services. We have an obligation to urgently change the situation to make the human rights to water and sanitation a reality for all. Poor integrity…

  • Increasing allocations towards Water and Sanitation requires more than just increased fiscal space

    18 Sep 2019 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Par Neil Cole, Executive Secretary, CABRI et Joana Bento, Program Manager, Building PFM Capability, CABRI

      While the benefits of water and sanitation investments are well known among sector experts, finance officials are confronted with the realities of governments’ competing priorities and limited budgets. And even though the commitment to safe drinking water and safely managed sanitation is reaffirmed by the Agenda for Sustainable Development, the challenge…

  • Systems Strengthening: In conversation with Bhutan’s Ministry of Health 

    16 Sep 2019 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Par Chundu Gyem Tamang

    The water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector in Bhutan has a coordination mechanism (B-WASH Cluster) at the central level to provide a platform for inclusive and participatory collaboration and coordination amongst the various ministries and other development partners. To understand how this initiative is helping Bhutan in Sector Strengthening, we spoke to Chundu Gyem Tamang, Engineer from Department of Public Health,…

  • Behind every good WASH service, there is a strong system

    16 Sep 2019 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Par John Butterworth, Head of International Programme, IRC

    In March 2019, IRC organised a symposium working closely with many of our partners – all about water, sanitation and hygiene [WASH] systems[1] and how we can use systems approaches to improve WASH service delivery. We called it ‘All systems go!’ The event shared thinking and experiences on systems approaches,…

  • CEO's official visit to Peru and Colombia

    16 Sep 2019 in Event Updates
    by SWA

      This week, the CEO of Sanitation and Water for All (SWA), Catarina de Albuquerque, will be in Peru and Colombia to meet with the government and other partners. While Peru is already an SWA partner, SWA is hoping to persuade Colombia to join and follow the 8 Latin American…