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  • Balancing budgets isn’t one-sided: Why collaboration is key to reducing the WASH financing gap

    22 Feb 2017 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by By Hanna Woodburn, Global Public Private Partnership for Handwashing director

    I think that it is natural at the outset of a new year to take some time to take stock of what’s come before. For me, I spent a good portion of January working on an annual report for my organization, the Global Handwashing Partnership (previously referred to as the…

  • Do we still need the Sanitation and Water for All Partnership?

    10 Feb 2017 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Clare Battle, Senior Policy Analyst, Governance, WaterAid

    Originally publish by WaterAid Established in 2009, Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) is the global multi-stakeholder partnership for the WASH sector. Today it brings together over 150 partners across five constituencies: countries; external support agencies; civil society organisations; research & learning organisations; and private sector actors. WaterAid was a founding…