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  • Case-study of Korea’s achievement of universal access to sanitation

    20 Apr 2015 in Events
    by Par Dr Sang-Mu Lee, Président, Korea Rural Community Corporation (Corporation des communautés rurales de Corée).

    Based on Dr. Sang Mu Lee's speaking notes at WWF7 It is timely and just that the immense outstanding challenges of the global community be brought forward and emphasized. The magnitude of the outstanding sanitation challenges facing the world today is nothing that should be taken lightly or with patience.…

  • Behavioral Challenges and Potential Solutions to Reach Universal Sanitation Coverage

    14 Apr 2015 in Events
    by By Orlando Hernandez, Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor, Global Health, Population and Nutrition (GHPN), FHI 360

    (based on address at WWF7) Behavior change specialists rely on frameworks to dissect a problem and define a strategy to address it. The Water Improvement Framework (WIF), previously named the Hygiene Improvement Framework (HIF) developed in connection to USAID WASH projects some 15 years ago, is one such framework. Given…

  • Universal Sanitation is Incomplete without Hygiene

    13 Apr 2015 in Events
    by Par Hanna M Woodburn, Directrice adjointe du Secrétariat, Partenariat mondial entre le secteur public et le secteur privé pour le lavage des main (PPPHW).

    It was perhaps a blogger on the PLOS website who said it best: the sanitation Millennium Development Goal (MDG) is in the metaphorical toilet. As the MDGs reach their conclusion this year, the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) community knows that progress towards the sanitation goal is badly off-track and…