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  • SDGs Require a Strong Common Advocacy Agenda from East Africa CSOs

    18 Jan 2018 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by par Heloise Chicou, CSO Advisor

      This is particularly true today when countries such as Zambia are experiencing cholera outbreaks or when Kenyan organizations are fighting together to influence the water bill. East Africa regroups strong Water and Sanitation Civil Society Organisations from Kenya (KEWASNET), Tanzania (TEWASNET), Malawi (WESNET), Zambia (Zambia WASH Forum) and others.…

  • Access to water and sanitation for older persons – Celebrating the International Day of Older Persons

    1 Oct 2017 in Events
    by By Catarina de Albuquerque, SWA Executive Chair

    Today, October 1st, we celebrate the International Day of Older Persons. This is a day to celebrate the experience and wisdom of those people in our lives, who have experienced a world that we have not, and who perhaps see today’s world differently from the way that we see it.…

  • Sri Lanka - Adequate Finance is a limitation to achieve SDG targets on water and sanitation

    9 Jun 2017 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Hemantha Withanage, Executive Director, Centre for Environmental Justice/FANSA Sri Lanka

    The SWA Country Process Dialogue was held on the 6th April 2017 at the Foundation Institute, Sri Lanka, with 40 participants representing the Ministry of City Planning and Water Supply, Ministry of Health, Water Supply and Drainage Board, and Civil society Organisations.  Sri Lankan delegation member from the Water Supply…

  • Feedback from Civil Society delegate on the 2017 HLM: Pursuing good governance in WASH as prerequisite to achieving SDG6

    31 May 2017 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Samson Shivaji, Civil Society Delegate, KEWASNET and African Civil Society Network on Water and Sanitation (ANEW)

    The High-level Meeting happening in Washington DC has in some way attempted to highlight the important place of pursuing good Governance as a prerequisite to achieving the level of ambition. On one hand, the HLM has reiterated the level of ambition, pointing out the aspirations as well as demonstrating the…

  • Key Points and Actions for CSOs: How can we Finance and End the Water and Sanitation Crisis?

    17 May 2017 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Juliette Refle, Consultant at End Water Poverty

    The Sanitation and Water for All Partnership (SWA) High-level Meetings (HLM) happened less than a month ago in Washington DC with a focus on how to finance the achievement of the water, sanitation and hygiene-related SDGs targets by 2030, including how to strengthen the sector and reach universal access. Sector…

  • At the Sanitation and Water for All High-level Meetings, urgent action is needed to transform lives

    25 Apr 2017 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Barbara Frost, Chief executive, WaterAid

    For the 2.4 billion people in the world who live without access to a decent toilet the events happened in Washington DC last week have the potential to bring about lasting change. Amid the buzz of the World Bank’s annual Spring Meetings is an opportunity to change the course of history as…

  • To Cure Disease, Prevention Must Come First

    20 Apr 2017 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Chris Williams, Directeur exécutif, Conseil de Concertation pour l’Approvisionnement en eau et l’Assainissement

    Every day, an estimated 1,500 children die from diarrhea largely caused by a lack of access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene — more than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined. Poor sanitation alone may also be responsible for as much as half of the world’s stunting problems, due to diarrhea and related malnutrition.…

  • Research and Learning – a key building block to good quality and sustainable WASH

    19 Apr 2017 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Patrick Moriarty, Directeur exécutif, IRC

    With the High-level Meetings about to start, members of SWA’s Research and Learning constituency will be joining ministers with the message that research and learning are essential to achieving the SDG. Prior to the Addis Sector Minister’s Meeting in 2015, SWA’s Research and Learning (R&L) constituency identified a set of…

  • How can we achieve sanitation and water for all? Washington D.C., here I come!

    17 Apr 2017 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Ewout van Galen, Simavi’s Programme Director

    Originally posted by Simavi   Simavi’s Programme Director, Ewout van Galen, will attend the 2017 Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) High-level Meetings (HLM) in Washington D.C. to represent the European Civil Society Organisations working on water, sanitation, and hygiene.  Why are the High-level Meetings so important? Even though access to…