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  • System Strengthening: In conversation with Bhutan’s Ministry of Health 

    16 Sep 2019 in Partner Perspective Categories

    The water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector in Bhutan has a coordination mechanism (B-WASH Cluster) at the central level to provide a platform for inclusive and participatory collaboration and   coordination amongst the various ministries and other development partners. To understand how this initiative is helping Bhutan in Sector Strengthening, we spoke to Chundu Gyem Tamang, Engineer from Department of Public Health,…

  • Behind every good WASH service, there is a strong system

    16 Sep 2019 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by By John Butterworth, Head of International Programme, IRC

    In March 2019, IRC organised a symposium working closely with many of our partners – all about water, sanitation and hygiene [WASH] systems[1] and how we can use systems approaches to improve WASH service delivery. We called it ‘All systems go!’ The event shared thinking and experiences on systems approaches,…

  • CEO's official visits to Peru and Colombia

    16 Sep 2019 in Partner Perspective Categories

    This week, the CEO of Sanitation and Water for All (SWA), Catarina de Albuquerque, will be in Peru and Colombia to meet with the government and other partners. While Peru is already an SWA partner, SWA is hoping to persuade Colombia to join and follow the 8 Latin American and…

  • SWA at Stockholm World Water Week

    25 Aug 2019 in Events

      Sanitation and Water for all, along with its partners, is attending the World Water Week (#WWWeek). For us, Stockholm not only provides opportunities for knowledge exchange and learning, but it also helps us touch base with our partners and foster new alliances across different constituencies. This is an important…

  • Burundi: WASH as a key sector for economic growth

    19 Aug 2019 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by Par Ms. Jeanne Nizigiyimana, point focal SWA, Directrice générale de l'eau et d'assainissement, Ministère de l’Hydraulique, Energie et des Mines, Burundi

      In Burundi, the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector is witnessing a new momentum thanks to the place it occupies in the 10-year National Development Plan (“Plan National de Développement du Burundi 2018-2027” - PND). This priority is the result of a strong and continuous evidence-based advocacy highlighting how…

  • Expert Speak: How can climate change policy and finance improve access to WASH services?

    15 Aug 2019 in Partner Perspective Categories

      In July 2019, Sanitation and Water for All’s (SWA) research and learning partner, WaterAid presented policy briefs at the High-Level Political Forum on ‘Financing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’ and ‘Climate change adaptation and resilience and water, sanitation and hygiene’ (WASH). As climate change threatens to reverse the progress made in the sector, it’s crucial to analyze how WASH fits…

  • 2019 International Youth Day: Youth as educators and changemakers in water and sanitation sector

    12 Aug 2019 in Partner Perspective Categories
    by par Aluora Annette Luttah, Temple Oraeki, Kenneth Alfaro Alvarado et Muhammad Wasif Bashir Babar

    International Youth Day provides an opportunity to reinforce and highlight the commitment of youth to the Sustainable development Goals (SDGs). As the theme for 2019 International Youth Day is transforming education, we have asked Sanitation and Water for All’s (SWA) youth-led and youth-focused civil society partners on what role their organization is…

  • What we know about commitments related to financing water, sanitation and hygiene targets

    9 Aug 2019 in Partner Perspective Categories

      Significant resources are required to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). More than two-thirds of countries which shared country briefs ahead of the Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) Sector Ministers’ Meeting (SMM) highlight financing as a major challenge to the sector, to eliminating inequalities and to achieving universal…

  • Mexico: CSOs launch ‘RED ATL’ network for accountability and people’s participation in the water and sanitation sector

    7 Aug 2019 in News Categories

      To strengthen the accountability work that Freshwater Action Network-Mexico (FANMex) has been doing with Sanitation and Water For All (SWA) and End Water Poverty (EWP), a new network has been launched to increase the access to information for transparency, people’s participation and accountability in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector. The Red ATL Network is constituted as a…