Working Groups

The SWA Steering Committee appoints Task Teams to carry out specific tasks. 

Country Processes Working Group (CPWG)

Strengthening government-led national processes is one of SWA’s key objectives and central to the Partnership’s new strategy. Drawing upon previous work of the Country Processes Working Group, SWA has identified four Collaborative Behaviours (for both development partners and governments), which are essential to ensuring that support to the WASH sector is effective, equitable and sustainable.

Building on the evolution of the global landscape through the agreement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the launch of SWA’s new strategy, and recognising the achievements of SWA’s Country Processes Task Team to date, this ToR sets out the refreshed strategic focus of the CPWG.

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Global Monitoring Harmonization Working Group (GHWG)

Many compelling reasons exist to build a shared monitoring framework. Demands for sector information are increasing, and when a gap is perceived, new and often parallel, systems are added. This means the monitoring landscape is crowded, fragmented, and often duplicative. Despite a wealth of information available, there are indications that valuable data are not fully used. The timing of national data collection is not coordinated with global monitoring reporting, and the emphasis on regional and global products means that too little is fed back into country-level planning. For example, data collected at a project or programme level (such as well inventories or details of systems installed) may not be incorporated into the national data system.

SWA creates an unprecedented opportunity to develop a shared monitoring framework for the sanitation and water sector as most of the agencies undertaking major monitoring initiatives are SWA partners. The Global Monitoring Harmonization Working Group will seek to develop a shared monitoring framework.

The team will initially focus on two tasks:

  • Harmonizing the monitoring initiatives focused on inputs to the sector (for example, funding, human resources and planning processes)
  • Overseeing the development of a shared set of voluntary norms and standards for how data are collected, so that all agencies are reporting on the same things in the same way


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Other Working Groups

  • Governance and Finance
  • Private Sector
  • WASH-Nutrition
  • Global Architecture

For more information about the GHWG, please contact the Secretariat.