Chair of SWA, the Hon Mr. Kevin Rudd


“Sanitation, water and hygiene are basic human rights. As Foreign Affairs Minister I commissioned a review to determine what areas of aid spending were most beneficial, and it became clear that investments in water and sanitation make a real difference to people’s lives and also present a significant opportunity for economic growth.

Every day, a lack of clean water and sanitation contributes to the death of 1,000 children under-five. Through SWA we have the opportunity to change that, as well as help to address countless other health and societal challenges in some of the world’s communities most in need.” 

– The Hon Mr. Kevin Rudd


SWA high-level Chair


Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) announced during the Partnership Meeting of November 2015 that the Hon. Kevin Rudd has been appointed as Chair. He replaces H. E. Hon. John A. Kufuor, Former President of Ghana, who is standing down, having led SWA since its founding in 2010.

Kevin Rudd joins the SWA after a distinguished political career in Australia, where he was Minister of Foreign Affairs (2010-2012) and twice Prime Minister (2007-2010: 2013).